Neuroscience in Paris

By 18th May 2016Cairn News, News

Danielle, Martin and Jez were very pleased to attend the ‘Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience‘ meeting in Paris. In addition to Martin presenting a talk on microscope Illumination, we also equipped several Scientifica Slicescopes for LED fluorescence. For the course organiser, David Ogden, we supplied a Cairn tip-tilt infinity cube with Cairn laser beam expander for diffraction limited photolysis. In addition to this we helped configure a Slicescope for Marco Canepari and Marko Popovic. This was used for high speed voltage sensitive dye recordings in brain slices and was based on the systems developed by Marco and Jez in Marco’s lab in Grenoble. Huge thanks to David and Boris for inviting us along to such an enjoyable course.



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