Ex-demo cameras available for UK customers

By 17th November 2020Cairn News, News, Uncategorised

On the 11th March we posted a news item about several heavily discounted ex-demo sCMOS cameras that were available….We’d like to follow that up with an updated list:

Photometrics Prime 95B 22mm

The Photometrics Prime 95B 22mm sCMOS camera delivers a large imaging area and combines this with the near-perfect sensitivity of a Backside Illuminated (BSI) Scientific CMOS sensor. The PrimePhotometrics Prime sCMOS Camera 95B 22mm sensor converts up to 95% of incident photons into measurable signal, and provides a large 22mm field of view. The Prime 95B 22mm is optimally positioned to maximize detection and imaging throughput on larger format microscopes.

Photometrics Prime 95B

The Photometrics Prime 95B sCMOS Camera allows you to overcome many difficult imaging challenges by converting nearly every available photon to useful signal through an incredible 95% Quantum Efficiency – by using the first available scientific CMOS sensor with back-side illumination. The result is the most sensitive CMOS camera available for scientific imaging.

RedShirt NeuroCMOS-DW128

The NeuroCMOS-DW is a series of cameras ideal for high and medium light level measurements. These cameras have very large dynamic range and by way of variable gains for different rows, are capable in resolving changes in light intensity from both very bright and relatively dim regions within the same field. 3 selectable gains allow a single camera to operate both with relatively low read noise and a very large well size. The cameras are close to ideal for recording fluorescence or absorption signals from tissue stained with voltage sensitive dyes as well as for intrinsic imaging.

Please contact us for age and prices.  All cameras are available now