Keeping up with sensor sizes

By 17th February 2023Cairn News, Uncategorised

 Never to be outdone by ever increasing camera sensor sizes, we have a long history of updating our emission range to support the latest and greatest cameras.  Therefore, we have been busy lately ensuring we remain the market leader in this field.

32mm Rectangular Diaphragm

We are therefore pleased to announce that all our image splitters (OptoSplit II, OptoSplit II Bypass, OptoSplit III and MultiSplit) as well as our multi camera adapters (TwinCam and MultiCam) are now configured with a larger rectangular diaphragm (field stop) to support the new sensors.  In addition, all units are supplied with a choice of c, t, or f mounts to ensure that the wide variety of scientific cameras on the market are all compatible, plus the mounts are easily interchangeable should you choose to change camera in the future.

Please note, the choice of objective and the detailed microscope configuration will have an impact on the maximum useful sensor size, both with or without our emission devices, so we are happy to advise and offer guidance on what’s best for your application and setup.  We also have the option to add secondary magnification to make fuller use of larger sensors.

As a final note, we should add that for fluorescence microscopy it is important to check what size field the illumination source can adequately fill; we are happy to advise or suggest solutions for ensuring this.

The table below gives the latest supported sensor sizes (based on the diagonal of the chip) that have each been tested with several high-quality objectives on the side-port of a research grade microscope.

Keep an eye on our datasheets too, as we continue to push the range as large as it can go!

Latest supported sensor sizes per product